Take out

 Sandwiches £3,80

·          Cheddar with carrot chutney & salad leaves                                                                                        

·         Tofu, vegan cheese, mayo &  leaves                                                                    

·         Avocado, tomato chutney & salad leaves                                                                                                                   

         Add 40p for a toasted sandwich     

·         Fries £2.20                                                           

Salad Boxes

Regular £4.10             Large £4.80

Green salad, quinoa, lentils & slaw with a choice of either Frittata, Farinata, Tofu, Feta, Stuffing egg or halloumi.                                                                                                                   Salad only £3 / £4

Homemade Soup  

Vegan & gluten free £2.70

Homemade Cakes

A selection of vegan and/or gluten free cakes


If possible please ring your order in advance due to high demand at peak- times